THe ServletOutputStream Class.
The Servletoutputstream ·dass extends OutputStream. It is implemented by the server and provides output stream that a servlet developer can use to write data to a client response. A default constructor is defined. It also defines the print() and . println( ) methods, which output data to, the stream:

The ServletException Class “
The Servletlixception class indicates that aservlet problem has occurred. The class has the following constructors Servletexception  Servletlixceptionffitring  Here, s is a string that describes the problem.

The Unavailable except on Class ~

The Unavailableexception class extends Servletexception, It indicates that a servlet is permanently or temporarily unavailable. The class has the following constructors: Unavailable lixceptiontServlct servlet, String  Unavallable lixc eptionlint sees, Servlet serolei, String s) Here, scn indicates which servlet is unavailable. A description of the problem is provided in s. The number of seconds for which the servlet is expected to be unavailable is provided in sees.

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