A Simple Banner Applet

To demonstrate repaint a simple banner applet is developed. This applet scrolls a
message, from right to cross the applet’s window. Since the scrolling of the  message is a repetitive it is performed by a separate thread, created by the apple when it is initialized. The banner applet is shown here.applet is brought back into  once again called, which starts a new thread to execute the banner.

Using The Status Window

In addition to displaying information in its window, an applet can also output a message to tile status window of the browser applet viewer on which it is running. To do so, call show  with the string that want displayed. The status window is a good place to give the user feedback about what is occurring in the applet, suggest options, or possibly report some types of errors. The status window also makes an excellent debugging aid, because it gives you an easy way to output information about your applet.

[vfb id=1]

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