Application Builder Tools

When working with Java Beans, most developers use an application builder tool, a utility that enables. you to configure a set of Beans, connect them together, and produce a working application. Its major capabilities arc the following:

1. A palette is provided that lists all of the available Beans. As addition Beans are developed or purchased, they can be added to the palette.

 2.A worksheet is displayed that allows the designer to lay but Beans in a graphical  user interface. A designer may drag and drop a Bean from the palette to this worksheet.

3.Special editors and customize  allow a Bean to be configured. This is the mechanism by which the behavior of a Bean may be  a particular environment.

4.Commands allow a designer to inquire about the slate ‘and behavior of a Bean. This informational automatically becomes available when a Bean is added to the palate

5. Capabilities exist to interconnect Beans. This means that events generated by one’ component are mapped to method invocations on other components.

7. When a collection of Beans has been configured and connected, it is possible. to save all of this information in a persistent storage area. At a later time, this information can then be used to restore the state of the application .

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