The language JAVA has a functionality for printing the systems that will have tosupport for network computing language. It’s built up on the virtual Machine (VM) which is highly secured machine or portable machine. It’s a group of comprehensive libraries implemented to provide the support of the abstraction of the entire platform. It has an important easily in use, user friendly, work able and widely available programming language.C++ language allows the object-oriented programming and the procedural programming both. While JAVA support the object-oriented programming model only. In C++ the libraries are comparatively available with the low level functionalities and it’s provide a single and multiple inheritances both and in JAVA language all the methods and all the data reside in their own class.

The concept of the package is used and it doesn’t support any multiple inheritances. The concept will be uses if the interface to achieve. The Language JAVA is heavily depend on the Automatic Garbage Collection. It doesn’t support the destructors. It’s a responsibility of a system to check all the errors in running program. In C++ there are scope resolution operators (: 🙂 which we used for defining the methods outside of their class and for accessing a global variable which is in the form of the scope where as local variable will be exists with the same class name. But in JAVA there are no scope resolution operators (: :). In this language of JAVA the definitions of method have to occur in their own class, while JAVA has no need for scope operators.

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