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Scroll Panes

Scroll Panes A scroll pane is a component that presents a rectangular area in which a component may be viewed. Horizontal and/ or vertical scroll bars may be provided if necessary, Scroll panes are implemented in Swing by the j Scrofulous class, which extends J Compunction. Some of its constructors arc shown here: The following example illustrates…

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Tabbed Panes

Tabbed Panes A Tabbed”one is a component that appears as a group of folder sin a file cabinet. Each folder has a title. When a user selects ‘a folder, its contents become visible. Only one of the folders may be selected at a time. Tabbed panes arc commonly used for setting configuration options. Tabbed panes are encapsulated b…

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Check Boxes

Check Boxes The Check Box class, which provides the functionality of a check box, is a concrete implementation of Abstract Button. Some of its constructors are shown here: JCheckBox(lcon I) JCheckBox(Icon i, boolean slate) JCheckBox(String s) JCheckBox(String 5, boolean state) JCheckBox(String 5, Icon I) JCheckBox(String 5, Icon i, boolean state) Here, j is the icon…

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Buttons Swing buttons provide features that arc not found in the Button class defined by the AWT. For example, you can associate an icon with a Swing button. Swing buttons are subclasses of the Abstract Button class, which extends ]Component. AbstractButton contains many methods that allow you to control the behavior of buttons, check b oxes and radio…

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A Tour Of Swing Servlets

A Tour Of Swing Servlets In Part saw how to build user interfaces with the AWT classes. Here, we will take a top of a supercharged alternative Swing is a set of classes that provides more powerful and flexible components than are possible with the AWT. In addition’ to the familiar components, such as buttons, check boxes,…

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