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mouseDragged( )

mouseDragged( ) The mouse Dragged( ) method is called when the mouse moves with any of its.p~tt6ns pressed. In this applet, we want to do the same thIng on drag or move, so we just call mouseMoved( ) directly, passing in the same parameters we received. mouseMoved( ) Whenever the mouse moves; mouseMoved( ) checks the y…

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paint( )

paint( ) The paint () method is quite simple. First, it checks to seen the offscreen buffer has been created. yet. If it hasn’t, lateInit( ) is called to create the buffer and load the menu image. After that, it draws the left half of the image on the offscreen buffer. This requires, of course, that the…

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init( )

init( ) When the applet is being initialized, init( ) saves the size in the Dlmc Siun Variable d and parses the applet param tags. It then uses a String Tokenizer to parse strings delimited by the plus sign to create the string arrays url and target. The number of URLs that arc parsed is the number that…

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The Source Image

The Source Image While you won’t see the code for Navigation here, looking at its GIF image and APPLET tag shows clearly what Image Menu is going to do. The source image for Navigation in Figure 30-2 shows seven columns, each of which provides a visual representation of a possible selection. However, each selectable item only has two states,…

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Image Menu: An Image Based Web Menu

Image Menu: An Image Based Web Menu The Image Menu applet is a simple program that presents an image-based menu with an arbitrary number of choices in a vertical list, When the user-moves the mouse cursor, over these choices, the one.under the cursor changes appearance, indicating that it can be clicked on. When the user clicks on a…

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