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The Applet’ Class

The Applet’ Class This chapter examines the Applet class, which .provides the necessary support for applets. In Chapter 12, you were Introduced to the general form’ ofan applet and the steps necessary to compile and run one. In this chapter, we will look at  applets in detail The Applet class is contained in the ava.applet package,…

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Source Code

Source Code The implementation of this HTTP server is presented here in five classes and one interface. A more complete implementation would likely split many of the methods out of the main class, httpd, in order to abstract more of the components. For space considerations in this book, most of the functionality is in the single class, and…

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TCP/IP/ Client Socket

TCP/IP/ Client Socket There are two kinds of TCP sockets in Java. One is for servers, and the other is {or . clients. The Overstock class is designed to be a ” which waits for clients to connect before doing anything. The Socket class is designed to connect to server sockets and initiate protocol exchanges. The creation of…

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Domain Naming Service (DNS)

Domain Naming Service (DNS) The Internet wouldn’t be a very friendly place to navigate if everyone had to refer to their addresses as numbers, For example, it is difficult to imagine seeing  ”http://192.9.9′.l/” at the bottom of an advertisement. Thankfully, a clearing house exists for a parallel hierarchy of names to go’with all these numbers.…

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Networking This chapter.explores the package, which provides support of networking. Its creators have called Java “programming for the Internet.” While . true, there is actually very little in Java, the programming language, that makes it any more appropriate for writing networked programs than, say, C++ or FORTRAN. ‘What makes Java a good language for networking arc the classes defined…

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