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The Simple Servlet

The Simple Servlet  To become familiar with the key servlet concepts, we will begin by building and testing a simple servlet. The basic steps are the following: 1. Create and compile the servlet source code. 2. Start the servletrunner utility. 3. Start a Web browser and request the servlet. The following sections examine each of these…

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The Java Servlet Development

The Java Servlet Development  The Java Servlet Development Kit OSDK}contains the class libraries that you wilt need to create servlets, A utility known ao the scrvlctrnnner is also included, which enables you to Nom,~ of  servlets Lllt you create, We will tool to execute the examples- in this chapter. You can download the JSDK without charge from the Sun Microsystems…

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The Life Cycle Of a Servit

The Life Cycle Of a Servit  . Three methods are central to the life cycle of a servlet into service Land destroy( ). They are implemented by every servlct and arc invoked at specific limes by the server . Consider rrcxt’ a typical user sccnano, to understand when these methods .irc called. First, assume that a user enters…

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Background To understand the advantages of servlets, yon must have a basic understanding of how Web browsers and servers cooperate to provide content to a user. Consider a request for a static Web page. A user enters a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a browser. The browser generates an HTTP request to the appropriate Web server. The Web server-maps…

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Servlets ThiS chapter presents an overview of scram Jets. Servlets arc small programs that  execute on the server side of a Web connection. [ustas applets dynamically  extend the functionality of n Web browser, servlets dynamically extend the functionality of a Web server The java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) contains the class Libraries that you will need to create servlets.…

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