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A Simple Banner Applet

A Simple Banner Applet To demonstrate repaint a simple banner applet is developed. This applet scrolls a message, from right to cross the applet’s window. Since the scrolling of the  message is a repetitive it is performed by a separate thread, created by the apple when it is initialized. The banner applet is shown here.applet is brought…

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Requesting Repainting

Requesting Repainting As a general rule, an applet writes to its window only when its update( ) or paint( ) method is called by the AWT. This raises an interesting question: How can the applet itself cause its window to be updated when its information changes? For example, if and  applet is displaying a moving banner,…

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The Applet’ Class

The Applet’ Class This chapter examines the Applet class, which .provides the necessary support for applets. In Chapter 12, you were Introduced to the general form’ ofan applet and the steps necessary to compile and run one. In this chapter, we will look at applets in detail The Applet class is contained in the  package, Applet contains…

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