Dynamic Billboard java

This is the main applet class. lt implements Runnable to include a thread-that’ controls the continuous process of creation and animation of the transitions. transition classes array stores the names of the transition classes as strings. It uses strings because it loads these classes dynamically using the method java.lang. ass for Name (String), This allows the applet to put of the loading of these classes until they arc first instantiated,

init( )

The init( ) method is called automatically when the applet is first loaded. Most applets use this method to perform all of their necessary initialization. Robert, however, decided to separate his initialization into two methods: init() and finish lnt), The idea behind splitting up the initialization is to try to display the first image within the applet in the least amount of time, minimizing the time that the applet showing a blank gray rectangle while it is loading and initializing, The only processing that is done in this init( ) method is that which is absolutely necessary Lo get initial content tQ the screen, been use the browser will not call until after init() returns. The first thing that Robert docs with init( ) is to change the background color of applet and the parent frame in which the applet is embedded. Normally, the space an applet uses on the screen is shown as a solid grny box while the applet is loading and initializing. This box tends to stand out on pages that use a background color other than gray, which is just about every p<lgc created since 1994, Robert discovered a’ way around this problem. He found that ‘1i)plet~’always have a parent cunt Liner in which they arc embedded, Under both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, this container is derived from the core Java class: java.awt Containcr. Robert uses the methods inherited from ;ava,awl ( ) and repa intt ) to change the background color to the value I?( a bgcolor applet parameter. This makes out less than it does when it is gray. All this is done even before load the first image.

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