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get Bytes ( )

There is an alternative to get Chars() that stores the characters in array of bytes. This method is called get Bytes( ), and it uses the default character-to-byte conversions provided by the platform. Here is its simplest form: byte[ genetics() either forms of gel Bytes( ) are also available. gentlest ) is most useful when you are exporting a String value into an environment that does not support 16-bit Unicode characters. For example, most Internet protocols and text file formats use 8-bit ASCII
for all text interchange.

Char Array( )

If you want to con all the characters in a String object into a character array, the easiest way is to calf to Char Array( ). It returns an array of characters for the entire string. It has this general form: char[ ] Charbray() This function is provided as a convenience, since it is possible to use get Cars( ) to achieve the same result

String Comparison

The String class includes several methods that compare strings or sub strings within. strings. Each is examined here.

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