Image Filter Demo java
The ImageFilter Demo class is the applet framework for our sample image filters, It employs a simple Borderlayout, with a Panel at the Soutl: position to hold the buttons that will represent each filter. A Label object occupies the North slot for informational messages about filter progress. The Center is where the image (which is encapsulated in the Loaded Image Canvas subclass, described later) is put. Weparse the buttons/filters out of the filters cparam» tag, separating thorn with +'8 using a StringTokenizer. The actionperformed ) method is interesting because it uses the label from a button as the name of a filter class that it tries to load with (Plugin Filter Class.forName(a).new Instance( ). This method is robust arid takes appropriate action if the button does not correspond to a proper class that implements PlugIn Filtci'.

Plugin Filter "java ,
Plug In Filter is a simple interface, used to abstract. image filtering has. only one method, filter( ), which takes the applet and 'the source ima~e and returns a new image that has been filtered in way.

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