The chapter examines the AWT Image class and the java.awt.image package Together, they provide support.for imaging (the display and manipulation of  graphical images). An image is simply a rectangular graphical object. Images are a key component.of web design. In fact the inclusion of the <img> tag, in the Mosaic ‘ browses at NCSA (National Center for Supercomputer Applications) is what caused the  eb to begin to grow explosively in 1993. This tag was used to include an image in line with the of hypertext. Java expands upon this basic concepti allowing  images to be managed under program control. Because of its importance, ava provides extensive support tor Imaging Images are objects of the Image class, which is part of the java.awt package. Images are manipulated usfn gfhe classes found irt the java.awt.image package. There area large number of imaging classes and, interfaces defined by java.awt.image  is not p~ibl~ ,to examine them a~.lnstelad, we the form the ,foundation of imaging.Here are-the with imageclass this.chapter:

These are the interfaces that we will use

use ImageConsumer:                 Imageobserver                          ImageProducer

Also examined is the MediaTracker class, which is part of java awt.

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