Java Collections Assignment Help

The Collection in Java is a framework that provides an architecture to store and manipulate the group of objects. Java Collections Framework is one of the core parts of the Java programming language.

Collections are used in almost every programming language. Most of the programming languages support various type of collections such as List, Set, Queue, Stack, etc.

Java collection consists of all operations such as searching algorithm, sorting algorithm, insertion algorithm, manipulation algorithm, and deletion operation.

It means that a single object unit. Java Collection framework gives many operations or sets (Set, List, Queue, Deque) orlists (ArrayList, Vector, LinkedList, PriorityQueue, HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet).


It means that the object is unmodifiable or unchangeable. After created internal state remains constant.

The CarShop doesn’t need to know how the car is made, it only needs the car, in summary car shop is not supposed to instantiate the Car object.It means that the public API of an immutable object guarantees us that it will behave in the same way during its whole lifetime.

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