mouse Released( )

When the mouse button is pressed with the cursor over the applet and then released” the mouse Released( ) method is called. The applet uses get Applet Context( ) showDocument( ) to send the browser to the URL that the current billboard points to. As Robert found out, sometimes browsers take a long time to display this new page. To keep the applet from running more transitions the new page is waiting to load, , , stop( ) is called to force the main thread to quit, ) let users know that the applet is  If loading the new gage, the applet changes the mouse cursor to the wait cursor. It is important to remember that users can come back to this page after going to a new page. ‘The wait cursor will still be present on the applet when users come back. The start( ) method is always called when the user comes back to a page with an applet, so the applet resets the cursor to the hand cursor there

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