Object Class Assignment Help

Object is a real world entity. In the project of Java by default the object class is the main class or the parental class of all the classes in the program or in other words it is the highestgreatest class of OOP. It represents the data of an object.

The Object class is helpful if you want to raise any object whose type you don't know. In up casting the parent class refers variable and then refer the child class object.

The Object class delivers some mutual performances to all the objects such as object can be linked, object can be cloned, object can be informed etc.

It has three characteristics.

  • State: It represents the data of an object.
  • Behavior: it represents the behavior/functionality of an object there for deposit, withdraw, etc.
  • Identity: Identity of an object is typical and a unique identity. The number of the ID is not visible to other users.

Object Class Methods:

  • Public final classgetclass (): return to the class where object of the class object.
  • Public int hash code (): return to the numbers of hash code for this object.
  • Public Boolean equals (Object obj): compare the present object to the entire class object.
  • Protected Object clone (): create the similar copy and returns the same copy of this object.
  • Public String to String (): return the value of string of this object.
  • Public final void notify ():single class object, waiting for the result object.
  • Clone (): An object returns by the clone and exactly same as an object. Clone method refer Clone ().
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