parse Bill Data ()

This method creates and initializes the next billboard (Bill Data) object that the applet will use” It only gets called if the billboard object has not been created yet (the element corresponding to the next billboard object in the billboard array will be null). Normally, parse Bill Data() calls the-BillOata method int Pixels () after creating the new object to initialize a pixel array within the Bill Data object. The first time this method. is called, however, the applet is still concentrating on getting the first image to the screen as fast as possible. It knOWs.this because’ the reference to the Image that is , used to paint the applet is still,null. So instead it sets the image variable and waits to call the processor-intensive ihit barcel method until after the first image is loaded.

After the first image is displayed on the screen, the applet can finish the rest of its , initialization. This includes initializing the names of all,the transition classes and initializing the pixels array for the first billboard-and reading the target parameter. firtishlnit( ) is called fron!the ron( ) method of the applet. The rune ) method restarts from the top each time the user leaves and, comes back to the page: When this happens, linishing( ) will be caned again. Since the applet has already finished its , initialization, Robert does not want it to initialize everything. This is.why the applet checks to ‘see if’the delay variable has already been initialized. If it has: then the applet can skip the rest ,of the initialization.

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