Security Issue 

In earlier chapters of this book, you learned that untrusted apple s are constrained to operate in a “sandbox.” They cannot perform operations That Are potentially dangerous to a user’s machine. This includes reading and writing files, opening sockets to arbitrary machines, calling native methods, and creating new processes. Other restrictions also apply.Similar constraints  exist for untrusted servlets, Code that is loaded from a remote machine is untrusted. However, trusted serulels, those loaded from the local machine, are not limited in this manner

Exploring servlets 

This chapter has provided onlY a brief introduction to the capabilities of servlets. Consult the Sun online documentation to learn more about the servletrunner and the different Web servers that support the ServLet API. One of the most common applications of servleLs is to access a database and dynamically construct an HTtP response from the information that is retrieved. The Java Database Connectivity GDnf API can be used for this purpose. Knowledge of its functionality is valuable for building enterprise applications. This is an area that you may wish to explore on your own.

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