The Dynamic Billboard Applet

Robert Temple is a software engineer at Starwave Corporation, where he has designed several of the most highly used applets in the world. His work includes the ESPNET SportsZone “Hit Charts” and “Batter vs. Pitcher” applets. The applet that impressed the folks at Starwave enough to ask him to join the company was _DynamrcBillboard, which he wrote while he was at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

The Dynamic Billboard applet displays a sequence of images by repeatedly changing the image on the screen to another after a period of time. The transition between one image and the next is done with one of a variety of special effects. One example of a transition is the Smash Transition, where the new image drops down from above the old image and appears to smash the old image out of place. The applet links to other pages through a URL associated with each image. When the user presses the mouse button with the cursor over. the’ applet, the browser will go to the new page associated with the current image. The Dynamic Billboard applet provides web sites with an elegant way to rotate ads, banners, or-billboards on a single static page. Robert has included many interesting optimizations. This applet would not be ·functional without the careful changes that he crafted. There are enough tips and tricks ·in this source code to help you make your applets really fly.

The Applet Tag

There are several parameters that must be specified for the applet to function properly. Without them the applet does nothing. Also, you will notice that if you make any mistakes naming fil1!sand such, the behavior is a little unfriendly: either nothing happens or some of your billboards will be blank. The following parameters are specified.

[vfb id=1]

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