The Http Session BindingEvent Class

The Http Session Binding Event class extends Event. It is generated when a listener is bound to or unbound from a value in an Secessionist object. · Http Session Event has the following constructor: Http Session Binding Event (Http Session session, String Name) Here, session is the source of the event, and name is the name associated with the object that is being bound or unbound. . The getNamc( ) method obtains the name that is being bound or unbound. Its signature is shown here: String get Name( ) The gct Session( ) method obtains the session to which the listener is being bound or un boun Its signature is shown here: Http Scssion get Scssion( )

The HttpUtlis Class
THe HttpUtils class provides three static methods, summarized next, that arc useful for  servlet developers:


static String Buffer gEtRequestURL Httpservletrequest req) static Hash table parsc Post Data(int size Serve Lineup Stream sis)


Returns the URL that was issued by the client.
Returns .1 hush table that contains key  value pairs. This method is useful for parsing HTrP forms that arc submitted via the POST method. The first argument is the number of bytes in the input stream: The second argument is the input stream. Parses the query string and returns
n hash table containing the key I value pairs.

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