The Javax.servlet.HTTP package

The Javax.servlet.http package contains several. interfaces and classes that are commonly used by servlet developers. You wiJI see that its functionality makes it easy to build servlcts that work with HTIP requests and responses. The following table summarizes the interfaces that are provided in this


Http Servlet Request
Http Servlet Rcsponse

Http Session
Http Scssion Binding Listener
Http Scssion Contcxt


Enables servlets to read data from anHITP request.
Enables servlets to write data to an HTTP response.

Allows session data to be read and written.
Informs an object that it is bound to or unbound from a session.
Allows sessions to be managed.

The followtng table summarizes the classes that are provided in this package. The most important of these is HttpServIet. Scrvlct developers typically extend this class in order to process HTTP requests;

Http Servlet
Http Scssion Binding Evcnt
Http Utils

Allows state information Lobe stored on a client machine..
Provides methods to handle
HTTP requests and responses.
Indicates when a listener is bound to or unbound from a session value.
Declares utility methods for settler,

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